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What We Do

Since our founding in 2001, the Federation of Galaxy Explorers has delivered hands-on education in space science, earth science, engineering, and rocketry to over 300,00 students and families across the nation. We partner with schools, corporations, and STEM festivals to ensure space-related science education is accessible to all students in K-12. Our programming continues to grow and expand to make a bigger impact. Are you ready to become a Galaxy Explorer?

Programming is an integral part in Robotics Camp.
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Our Mission Teams provide access and resources to learn about space through educational lessons and hands-on activities. These after-school enrichment programs support the National Science Education Standards and are designed to be taught by interested parents with no special technical knowledge.  Fully scripted lesson plans provide a real-world understanding of space science, earth science, engineering, rocketry, and space citizenship. Mission Teams meet a minimum of once a month.


In Spring 2025, for two days in Culpeper, Virginia, teams will compete in The Battle of the Rockets™. This Federation of Galaxy Explorers program offers multiple engineering design challenges to rocketry teams from high schools, colleges, trade schools, and non-profit organizations such as boy scouts, girl scouts, and 4-H club. It is designed to provide challenges that continuously increase as the competitor's skill level grows. Registration for BOR Team has closed. Sponsorships are  available for the 2025 competition.


The Federation of Galaxy Explorers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization built on drawing from people's generosity and the volunteer spirit of supporting our enrichment programs and events. Whether you can assist through a monetary donation, sponsoring a mission team, or volunteering your time at an event, your help expands our mission. No specific degree or experience is necessary. We are a certifying organization for eligible volunteers for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award.

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