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In 2022-2023, FOGE provided OVER 300 Kits to inspire and educate Girl Scouts in Space Science!

The Federation of Galaxy Explorers offers a variety of space science and engineering-based Girl Scout badge program kits for all scouting levels, from Daisies to Juniors. These kits are meant to help guide Leaders in facilitating a fun, hands-on workshop for their troop! 


Each kit comes with the following items:

1 Galilean Telescope kit (build it yourself!)

1 Planisphere (build it yourself) 

1 Sun Paper

1 Our Journey Activity book


We also include a box of 4 crayons, a pencil, and a pencil sharpener. 


While we do try to supply everything you need to complete the activities in these kits.  You will need to supply glue sticks, scissors, and the GSUSA official badges. 

We recommend you find a location for a Star Party for your troop meeting so your Girl Scouts can try out their new telescopes and planispheres!


These kits are offered at $20 per kit, plus shipping & handling. Included with each order is a Leader Booklet for adults to facilitate the badge requirements. 

We hope to provide in-person and virtual programs as we rebuild our volunteer outreach programs. For more information, please email at


Girl Scout Programs

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