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Overview of Girl Scout Programs

The Federation of Galaxy Explorers offers a variety of space science and engineering-based Girl Scout badge programs for all scouting levels, from Daisies to Ambassadors. These programs are an opportunity to explore science and engineering skills in a fun and educational way while completing the requirements to earn a badge. Currently, we offer our programs as "Badges in a Bag."  We hope to provide in-person and virtual programs as we rebuild our volunteer outreach programs. For more information, please email at



In just 4 months, OVER 300 Kits were provided for free to inspire and educate Girl Scouts in Space Science!

For the 110th Anniversary of Girl Scouting, we offered free Space Science Badge Kits to troop leaders, Associations, and Service Units. From May through September, we received over 300 kit requests! Our volunteers are working hard to fulfill these orders on time. 


While we do try to supply everything you need to complete the activities in these kits, among your short shopping list are the badges, which can be purchased at your council's Girl Scout store. 


You just need to follow the guides to facilitate a fun, hands-on workshop for girls in your troop and purchase a few supplies, including the badges! Shipping costs may apply.


Once orders are fulfilled we will be offering kits for a low-cost fee so we can continue to aid leaders in educating and inspiring Girl Scouts in space education. 

Girl Scout Programs

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