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Galaxy Ball

Galaxy Ball continues to be paused...

Before the pandemic, our Galaxy Ball was a highly anticipated event. The money we raise at the Galaxy Ball supports our Mission Teams, summer camps, and the year-round access we provide children to space education. It is the perfect opportunity to celebrate and network with the most influential players in the aerospace industry. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, it has been canceled since 2020. 

It is with great regret that the 2023 Galaxy Explorers will remain paused while we continue to rebuild the volunteer workforce for the Federation of Galaxy Explorers' outreach programs. If you would like to volunteer your time to the Galaxy Ball, please send inquiries to the following people. 



Over the last few years, your support and enthusiasm have been appreciated. 


Please send Inquiries to Lon Rains at


Specific gala questions can be sent to:

It is with the hope that we can reboot this beloved Gala in 2024. In 2019 the Galaxy Ball was a huge success, raising almost $80,000 and showing our appreciation to the volunteers who continue to invest in future generations of space explorers. 


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Previous Award Winners Include

Space Leadership Award

Lt. Gen. David D. Thompson, USAF

Dr. Larry Gershwin

Representative Jim Bridenstine

Dr. George C. Nield

Gen John E. Hyten, USAF

Lt Gen Susan Helms, USAF

Mr. Robert Cardillo 

Ms. Betty Sapp

Charles Bolden (MAJ GEN, USMC, Ret.)  

 Honorable Michael B. Donley

General James Cartwright, USMC

Dr. Michael Griffin

Mr. William Gerstenmaier

Represenative Robert Walker

Senator Barbara Mikulski

Space Education & Inspiration Award

Mr. Bob Jacobs

Dr. Jeffrey Foust

Mr. Pat Rawlings

Mr. Elliot Pulham

Mr. Bill Prady

Mr. Miles O'Brien

The Discovery Channel

Bill Nye "The Science Guy"

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson

Dr. Louis Friedman


Lifetime Acheivement Award

Astronaut Dr. Buzz Aldrin  

Mr. Gil Klinger

Mr. Douglas Loverro

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