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Overview of Summer Camps

Our Summer Camps introduce the role of government, citizenship, and the promise of space expressed in art, writing, history, and business. This is an extension of our Mission Team program that runs during the school months. A George Mason Engineering Professor and Naval Research Lab engineer designed the curriculum. 

Join us for a space adventure during the summer at our day camps. For the 2023 Summer year, we offer two camps for different age groups. Camp staffers are teachers, scientists, and engineers with experience in various space-related science and engineering fields. Both camps will be offered July 10th-14th, 2023, this year. 

We are currently hiring Summer Camp counselors in the Chantilly area. Counselors must be 21 years old and have experience with children. Please send your cover letter and resume by applying through the button.


We are looking to expand our summer camp program! Help us start one near you. We provide you with the curriculum to get started! Please send an email to

Mars Base (Grades 3 – 6)  

July 10th-14, 2023 St. Veronica's Catholic Church

Chantilly, Virginia

Take on the role of scientists and engineers in this one-week camp, where you learn about Mars. Do you know why it is Red? What’s its history? Has life existed on this planet, and can it thrive and survive? As you explore Mars and its scientific mysteries, you will collaborate to research and plan a trip to Mars. You will prepare your crew to have a safe Mars Landing and a site to build a Mars Base Camp, try out hands-on science experiments to learn more about the Red Planet and its aerology, and use the engineering design model to program a rover and robotic arm! This class’s curriculum is designed by a George Mason Engineering Professor and Naval Research Lab engineer. It is taught by a FoGE Alumni and Aerospace Engineering student attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. 

ROBOTICS Grades 7 – 10

July 10th-14, 2023 St. Veronica's Catholic Church

Chantilly, Virginia     

Robotics camp is a day camp that introduces robotics and programming. Campers build a robot, program it to operate with sensors, and have friendly robot competitions. They learn how to use sensors and remotely control the robots using WiFi. Each camper keeps the robot they build!

Summer Camps

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