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What we Do

Since our founding in 2001, the Federation of Galaxy Explorers has delivered a hands-on understanding of space science, earth science, engineering, and rocketry to over 300,00 students and families across the nation. We partnered with schools, corporations, and STEM festivals to ensure space-related science education is accessible to all students in K-12. And, we continue to grow our programming and expand ways to make a bigger impact. Are you ready to become a Galaxy Explorer?

Our annual Battle of the Rockets competition is open to all 7th grade through college competitors.
Battle of the Rockets

This competition offers multiple engineering design challenges to rocketry teams from high schools, colleges, trade schools, and non-profit organizations. It is designed to provide challenges that continuously increase as the competitor's skill level grows. BOR competition is held in the spring, and registration opens in August. Sponsorships are  available for the 2025 competition.

Mission Teams

 Our Mission Teams are after-school enrichment programs that support the National Science Education Standards and are designed to provide a real-world understanding of space science, earth science, engineering, rocketry, and space citizenship. Mission Teams meet a minimum of once a month.

Explore the Cosmos when you start a Mission Team!
Join us for Moon Base, Mars Base, or Robotic Camps!
Summer Camps

Summer Camps are an adventure to remember. Build a Moon or Mars base camp, design rockets, program robots, and end the summer with a rocket launch. The summer fun continues for grades 3 - 10. 

Did you receive a telescope kit during our New York Solar Eclipse party? Download directions to assemble it today! Rememeber, never point your telescope up at the sun! Always wear special eye protection when looking at the sun.

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